Dress up children's pattern childhood M & Q children's clothing

M & Q brand 2012 latest products from South Korea's "M & Q" fashion black and white children's clothing brand (), emphasizing fashion, personality, simple, stylish, classic black and white colors, blending seasonal colors and popular elements, Show the unique brand personality, to meet the parents after 80 selfless care of children. M & Q brand children's clothing, as 80 after the love of father and mother, with the most simple lines and colors highlighting the high-quality content. The appropriate pursuit of fashion, individuality of 2-16-year-old children. In the "M & Q" children's clothing store, every piece of children's wear is carefully selected fabrics, fine processing sewing. M & Q with the most stringent attitude of a good fabric, needlework sewing points, perfectly reflects the "M & Q" children's clothing concept of love. M & Q brand 2012 new product Children's business is a big business. M & Q has always provided each franchisee with not only premium products and efficient brand values, but also radiant earning factors, the brand's cultural connotation and efficient added value. Caring for the healthy growth of children, Dress up the child's childhood pattern is M & Q children's wear business has always been a dream. Let us work together to create miracles and win-win!

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