8 bear brand children's fashion comfortable comfortable free and happy enjoyment

The 8 bear brand children's clothing conform to the global green, healthy, mainstream environmental protection, adhere to simple and comfortable, free and happy design style, advocate "No. 8 Bears its boundless" brand concept, the choice of high quality fabric, with excellent workmanship, materials, technology , The perfect blend of fashion, with "green, healthy, stylish, comfortable, sunshine," passed out the ultimate greetings to the baby. Give babies health and safety, warm and cordial "hug" and stylish comfort, freedom and enjoyment!

At the same time in the last century, a company, specialized in faux fur research and development, was founded on the coast of the beautiful Tai Lake --- Wuxi Shuangda Plush Co., Ltd.

Faux Fur products are not only warm, easy care and diverse, but also greatly contribute to protecting animals and ecology for human beings.

Knitting Woolen Goods

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Wuxi Shuangda plush Co., Ltd. , http://www.sd-fauxfur.com

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