Amita fashion women distributed fresh air south of Yangtze River

"AMINTA" ( Amyita ) to modern women to provide a perfect state of life as its mission, the fashion and classic docking, so that leisure and comfort coexist, through exquisite tailoring, smooth lines in the mature temperament reveals young vitality. "AMINTA Yi Mita" has many outstanding domestic cutting-edge design, perfect to Europe and Korea fashion elements into the fresh air of the south of Yangtze River, forming two mainstream style: "Europe Han style" and "less Shu women's style." AMINTA Amita give full play to its own R & D, production, design, sales advantages, fully open the domestic market.

艾米塔 - AMINTA

With the changing times, modern women are influenced by diversified cultures and form an independent aesthetic experience. Stylistic women's style has been unable to meet this generation of fashion needs. Fashion is a kind of wisdom, but also a creation, "AMINTA Amita" designers bold experience of life, keen to use a keen sense of touch, to create fashion for the times, the perfect integration of fashion elements of Europe and South Korea into the fresh air of the Yangtze River , For modern women to provide a lifestyle and dress expression.

艾米塔时尚女装  散发江南水乡的清新气息

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