Play summer prelude - big eye frog children's clothing on the shelves

Eyeball brand 2012 spring and summer new style from the United States of the children's fashion brand - Big Eye Frog (), came to China in 2006. All along, the "big-eyed frog" to more mature and better service and professional caring guidance for each franchisee. Big frog with its unique cool street style and exquisite craftsmanship, has been widespread concern in the children's clothing industry. Big Eyeball brand 2012 spring and summer new "Big Eye Frog" children's clothing classic personality and high-profile achievements, has been the industry as the "overnight growth" legend myth. Nowadays, Big-eyed Frog has made more than 300 monopoly and counter regional radiation achievements throughout the country and is a brand new force in the history of China's children's wear industry. 2012, is a year bigger and bigger eye big frog, big eye frog will continue to work with the national agents, distributors go hand in hand, for all dealers, agents provide the golden key to open the door to wealth. I believe that through this order will, with the strong support of the major franchisees, big eye frog product sales will be on a new level! Big Eye Brand 2012 spring and summer new models

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