CK US casual wear 2012 autumn and winter models new conference

"Canelin kiskha": held 2012/13 autumn and winter new conference April 26, the long-awaited US casual brand "canelin kiskha" 2012/13 autumn and winter new conference in China's garment industry base - Changshu kicked off . The "canelin kiskha" 2012/13 autumn and winter new conference with "VISUAL MIAMI (Visual Miami)" as the theme, passion staged a by the ancient Indian Mayan civilization and modern American culture intertwined with the visual blockbuster, and many outside Wonderful interpretation of the model with a rich atmosphere of the United States fashion autumn and winter new models, but also for all participating audiences to enjoy a cultural feast. In Miami, Florida, where the "canelin kiskha" brand originated, there were no human habitation years ago. The earliest human settlements in the Miami area date back more than 12,000 years ago, with the first Native American village on the banks of the Miami River. The earliest inhabitants of Indians lived on fishing, hunting and collecting fruits, but did not engage in any form of agricultural production. Because of its unique geographical location and resources, many years after that, people in various parts of the United States and Europe are constantly moving in. Nowadays, Miami is an international metropolis with an important position in finance, commerce, media, entertainment, arts and international trade. It is home to many corporations, banks and television stations. Miami is also considered a melting pot of culture, heavily influenced by the large ethnic groups in Latin America and the inhabitants of the Caribbean island and culturally and linguistically close in North and South America, Central America and the Caribbean, and sometimes Known as the "capital of the Americas." 2012, Indian Mayan civilization is hot. 2012 autumn and winter, "canelin kiskha" brand in the ancient Indian civilization and the birthplace of the brand of modern state culture enthusiasm, through forests, space, rivers, showing a Miami visual blockbuster. Autumn and winter luxury brand return to the simple luxury, from the cool to the classic, both the sexy beauty of the curve, but also comfortable comfort, a lot of fashion and cultural elements of the collision of passion reflects the brand culture inclusive, on the basis of profound heritage Show the strong brand culture depth and width. Zhang Dongjun, general manager of Kevin Clay (China) Co., Ltd., which runs the US casual brand canelinkiskha in the China market, said canelinkiskha has made remarkable and rapid growth since the brand's entry into the Chinese market in 2009. The United States fashion apparel culture, given the brand of products strong vitality, leading the domestic casual wear fashion market trends, by the majority of business, white-collar workers of all ages. In a few years of strong log in China market operation, "canelin kiskha" brand reputation, product positioning, marketing and other aspects have been greatly improved. For example, in 2011, the brand successfully sponsored the International Synchronized Swimming Competition in China, which greatly enhanced the brand's reputation and reputation. At the same time, "canelin kiskha" also focus on combining the characteristics of the Chinese market, develop consistent with the brand marketing strategy, with a successful model as much as possible to help each customer in the market to achieve sustained profitability for the brand domestic agents and distributors to create A "win-win" wealth platform. It is understood that "canelin kiskha" brand was born in the early 60s of last century, founder Kevin and Clay Brothers were born in 1940 in the United States Arkansas along the Mississippi River. In 1962, two brothers founded their first "canelinkiskha" brand clothing store in Little Rock, the capital of the state of Arkansas in the United States, and named after two brothers, "canelinkiskha," with "canelinkiskha" on each piece of clothing The logo, they advocate the freedom and personality of the dress style, meet the people's psychological needs. "Canelinkiskha" clothing all the rage, but also attracted the attention of fashion crowd, Beetle is the earliest and most famous one, so "canelinkiskha" brand became the theme of the city at that time. Therefore, "canelinkiskha" brand through constant precipitation, from the clothing design point of view, shape, color, size of the fabric texture and accessories development, exquisite workmanship, full modernization and fashion of the development process to Its simple, smooth lines of the pursuit of art, but also the constant taste of elegant life. "Canelin kiskha" brand is a brand that can easily cause people to reverie freely. After half a century of classic history, the fabric and trendsetting design of the iconic "canelin kiskha" pattern document are definitely regarded as the model of the American spirit. As Canelin and Kiskha brothers said, the luxury of clothing will eventually return to a thriving era as the younger generation craves for freedom. The "canelin kiskha" brand originated from the United States. It is based on the romance of fashion, the legendary interpretation of passion, the coffee culture group with the pursuit of quality of life and sensitivity to the fashion trend. It creates a new life style with its clothing With the perfect combination of personality, clothing and the scene of the harmonious coexistence, construct a new design concept. Now Chengzhao national franchisee blank area, welcome to have sincere people to negotiate consultation! Contact: Mr. Hang Tel: Website: CompanyAddress: Changshu City, Jiangsu Province, Mall Road 77, National Service Building, 12F

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