Unveil 2011 China top lingerie brand list

Brand Underwear Daquan underwear brand ranking

NO.1 love Aimer

March 8, 1993, "Love" was born in Beijing, China and the full implementation of brand management strategy, the past 10 years has set up a nationwide marketing network, love the group owns the brand and product lines include: "love" (Aimer Imi's, Shine love, LA CLOVER, AIMER men, Aimer Kids, swimwear, etc. . Love also set up the first fashion home / professional underwear custom studio furniture and set foot in the field of advanced customization of dresses, according to the customer's individual needs, to provide customized services, all-round build China's high-end fashion leader Brand.

NO.2 Embry

Since entering the domestic market in the early 1990's, the business of the Group has grown rapidly. From 1996 to 2005, the company won the title of "No.1 in sales of similar products in China" with outstanding performance for ten consecutive years. To date, the Group has retail operations in more than 40 large cities including Mainland China, Hong Kong and Macau with 1,000 points of sale. Since its establishment in Hong Kong in 1975, Embry Group has grown into a modern large-scale enterprise after more than 30 years of operation.

NO.3 Triumph

Brand Description: Triumph (Triumph) is a German underwear brand, founded in 1886. Triumph has won the favor of women with its popular design, exquisite workmanship, comfortable feeling and advanced fabrics.

NO.4 Man Nifen

Manifen Group was established in April 1996, May 2000 changed its name to Guangdong Manni Fen Garment Co., Ltd., and enjoy the right to export. September 2005, Manifen brand (bra) GuoJia won the most authoritative supreme honor - "China Famous Brand" title.

NO.5 Sissi princess

The first functional underwear business, professional in functional underwear research and development, production. Because professional so leading, the establishment of brand just a few years quickly among the top ten underwear. Princess Sissi is the world's first registered trademark of functional underwear, is committed to solving the problems that plagued women, so that all women have a healthy and perfect curve, and provide professional body consultant services and after-sale fat homing service, leading the global women Healthy, beautiful fashion trend. Sissi advocates nature, health and beauty. Product design combines ergonomics, aesthetics, mechanics and anatomy to adjust the fat to the correct position so that the most beautiful woman can bloom.

NO.6 Tingmei

In the underwear industry, Ting Mei's brand promotion efforts are greater and its brand recognition is higher. With the entire underwear industry blowing the function of shaping shaping lingerie style, Tingmei also shaped their underwear to start the body repair industry, but this is not a simple selling point to find, but from the Chinese female "body shape" This actual demand, launched its own brand of several classic functional underwear, relying on the classic steady sales, continued to this day, always maintain the top ten lined ranking.

NO.7 ancient and modern underwear

Ancient and modern underwear Co., Ltd. Shanghai, is a domestic industry and trade as one of the women Xin underwear professional company, is GuoJia Ministry of Internal Trade awarded the "old China" enterprises. Companies believe in Founding, winning the trust of quality, the implementation of brand development strategy, shaping a good social reputation and image, corporate efficiency has achieved double-digit growth of more than 10 years, 2004 sales exceeded 435 million yuan.

NO.8 according to the Ni

Yi Ni Underwear Co., Ltd. was founded in 1985, located in the birthplace of China's underwear Yanbu China's South China Sea, is the first step Yanbu domestic production enterprises. Since its inception, Nianyi Underwear Co., Ltd. has been highly praised by all walks of life for its clients with professional, high-quality, sincere and efficient service and won the trust of countless customers with the aim of "quality first, customer paramount, reputable" And support, according to the Nianyi underwear Co., Ltd. stores like Mushroomed to occupy the Pearl River Delta and major cities in the country, so that her products sell well all over the country and Hong Kong, Macao and overseas regions. In the underwear industry break a piece of "Yi Ni, multicolored" brand new world, will her to the international market, let the world know, know, Zhong love her.

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