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At present, China's wig market is still in its infancy compared to the international market. Market awareness is relatively low and requires a time-consuming development process, but the space for development is enormous. At present, the domestic wig market is relatively confusing, the quality is not guaranteed, and the price is not unified. Some unscrupulous manufacturers in the field have resorted to unscrupulous means of profiteering, which has seriously affected the development of the Chinese wig market. They work on a variety of raw materials and use various methods to reduce costs and profit from them. For example, in the hair, doping with chemical fiber, cow hair and other means to deceive the vast number of consumers, ordinary consumers are difficult to distinguish from it. The wig hair is easy to fall off and discolor, and there is a feeling of discomfort such as itching after wearing, which poses a great threat to the health of the consumer and seriously infringes on the legitimate rights and interests of the consumer.

Some wig sellers and agents in Beijing, in the name of the capital, lied to have their own wig factory, deceiving consumers. They purchase goods from unscrupulous manufacturers in the field. When ordering, they only roughly measure the size of the customer's head. After the customer leaves, they will find a suitable stock delivery, or call the black manufacturer to order. The black manufacturer will return it after the production. Their characteristics are that they will not be tightly stitched when worn, and they will be customized for a long time.

The wigs made by real wigs are absolutely worn when worn, and the custom time can be no more than 5 working days. Beijing Century Jiahua Wig Factory promises that customers with special circumstances need to be customized, can be completed within 48 hours, and do not charge any fees. In fact, everyone can go to the industry and commerce to check the relevant registration information. There are not many wig manufacturers in Beijing that have scale and production capabilities! Please pay attention to the consumers: At present, we only have 2 factory direct chain stores on the website of the Beijing market, and we have no relationship with any wig sellers, and will not ship any wigs. If someone tells you that we are a family, it must be a lie.

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