Experts say that the mat "health" is purely a girl

Recently, the highest temperature in Tianjin has broken through the 30°C mark. Some people have already laid out their mats, and various mats on the market have already started to sell. The reporter visited a number of shopping malls and supermarkets in the city and found that many of the market's mats hit the "health card", and the price made consumers "distracted." The most expensive is up to 30,000 yuan, and the price difference with the cheap is 1000 times. Experts said that don't believe in the so-called "health mat", health care or not, have to pass strict testing.

Netizens exclaimed the price of the mat

"The short-selling mat of the year is now skyrocketing!" Recently, some netizens said on Weibo that the price of this year's mat is getting higher and higher. The netizen said in Weibo that before the summer, she planned to buy a mat. The result was a search on the Internet. In the past, as long as the tens of dollars of mats, the average price of the Internet was as high as 300 yuan. The post quickly resonated with netizens. Someone said in a thread, "I remember that twenty or thirty dollars a bed ago."

Is the price of the city's mats also rising? The reporter visited several large supermarkets and found that the mat products have been placed in a prominent position in the home textiles area, and they have already prepared for the hot sale. Some of the single-meter seats with a length of about two meters and a width of about one meter have not been stocked. The staff said that the temperature has risen sharply in the past few days, and the number of people who buy mats has increased significantly, and dozens of them can be sold on the weekend.

The reporter saw on the shelves that the single bed seats are the current main products, the cheapest bamboo seats are priced at 39 yuan each, and the same size straw seats are sold for 169 yuan each. “Because of the difference between raw materials and weaving techniques, the price difference of straw mats will be very large. From the sales situation last year, many of the new mats are students who have just entered college. They want to buy a slightly better quality mat. Therefore, the cheap straw mats are less." In addition, the straw mat has a soft texture, convenient cleaning and comfortable touch are also reasons for consumers' preference.

It is understood that the price of grass, bamboo, rattan and other mats in the supermarket is not much different from last year, and there has not been a significant increase. The staff said, "If you take the price more than ten years ago, it will definitely rise, but this ratio does not make sense. What does not raise the price? The price of the mat has reached this level a few years ago. This year and last year Compared, basically nothing has gone up."

Health care mat price tens of thousands

Although the price of ordinary mats has not changed much, the reporters have seen in some department stores that some of the mats with the "health" banner are so expensive that ordinary consumers cannot accept them. The health care mats on the market are known to be anti-radiation and clean skin, as well as to promote blood circulation and reduce inflammation, and some even call the product a "nano mat." And this kind of health mat is given a special function, the price is much more expensive than the ordinary mat.

The biggest feature of the health mat is the high price. The reporter saw a leather mat with a length of about 2 meters and a width of 1.8 meters. The price is 3,800 yuan. According to the shopping mall shopping guide, this mat is made of pure buffalo leather, which has the effect of relieving stress, insomnia, headache, and pleasant mood, and has good air permeability and long service life. “It is no problem for 50 years.” Shopping guide.

In a high-end shopping mall, the reporter saw a leather mat with a price tag of 10,000 yuan. The shopping guide said that “the cowhide is also different, this is more uniform.” When the reporter asked if the discount could be discounted, the shopping guide pointed In front of the price of more than 8,000 yuan, the reporter told the reporter: "If you come during the May Day period, this mat is only 3,000 yuan, and now it is not discounted, it can only be the original price." In the other two shopping malls, the reporter also found a lot of "Health care mat", the price is usually more than a thousand dollars, many guides said that "selling is not bad."

In terms of function, health care mats are varied. Among them, there is a “health mat”, the mat fabric is pure bamboo fiber, which is said to have penetrated the “aloe vera liquid” and added aloe vera and other plant materials to nourish the skin. There is also a kind of apocynum health care mat, the propaganda material reads: Apocynum venetum is a wild plant growing on the banks of the Xinjiang Peacock River and the Tarim River in China. It is a perennial herbaceous perennial plant. Because it mainly grows in the plains of Rob, it is named Apocynum venetum, also known as wild hemp. Divided into kenaf, white hemp, can be used in medicine and textile. The health care principle of apocynum venetum fiber plus magnetic fiber is to infiltrate the active ingredients in apocynum venetum through the skin of the body, and to act on meridians, blood, viscera and local lesions to improve the microcirculation of the human body.

The mat health care is hype

In the interview, the reporter found that although the salesperson mentioned some health care functions during the sales promotion, they did not show the specific health effects instructions of these products. It is understood that there is currently no uniform standard for health care mat countries. Experts said that the “health mat” may be introduced by enterprises to meet the psychological needs of consumers. Consumers should pay attention to whether there is any relevant medical department approval.

For the above mentioned Apocynum chinensis, experts said that Apocynum venetum itself is a traditional Chinese medicine, which is more common in northwest China, and also in Inner Mongolia. Its main function is to reduce blood pressure, and it is also made from apocynum venetum. Of course, these must be taken to take effect. If you only use apocynum venetum to make a mat, you want to achieve the purpose of reducing blood pressure, which is obviously not good.

On the Internet, the reporter noticed that a CD called “Health Care Mat Production Process Technology Formula” was sought after. The catalogue of the mat provided 230 kinds of mat production process, including negative ion, bamboo hollow, far infrared magnetic health care, There are more than 40 kinds of health care mats such as medicine magnetic health care, temperature control bamboo scent, and medicine. In the conversation, the store revealed that the mastery of the process of making these health mats is very simple. What kind of medicine should be added, and what kind of materials should be used, they can be blended according to the proportion, and selling a good price is not a problem. What medicine do you want to add to it?

Industry insiders who have done a few years of wholesale business in the mat said that many manufacturers of mats are in the concept of hype. "The antibacterial mat that promotes blood circulation and moistening does not have such a function at all. It is just spraying a high concentration of bactericidal syrup in the mat, adding a hoe, and finding a reason to sell the high price."

In response to various so-called "health mats" on the market, China Consumers Association and local consumer associations have put forward consumer warnings, hoping consumers will purchase cautiously. The reason why some manufacturers use the banner of health care is to use this scorpion to take the opportunity to increase the price. As a consumer, don't believe in those products with functionality, you should make rational choices.

Custom shop prices are more reasonable

On the ancient culture street, a custom-made shop that has been operating for many years, the door of the store has been posted with the words “Published on the listing of the mat”.

The owner said that, unlike the supermarkets, the store's mats are an affordable route. "1m x 1.9m straw mats and bamboo mats, a little better, as long as 48 yuan, ordinary rattan seats 55 yuan can also Buying, expensive, with a leather mat, not only good quality, but also much cheaper than the price in the supermarket."

In addition to the ready-made mats, the store sells more custom-made products. “Some newly bought beds don’t have the right size mats. It’s hard to have a corner sofa with a mat. These customers will ask To customize." Among them, custom mats can choose bamboo or rattan materials, the basic price is 60 yuan / square meter, if you encounter special shapes such as corners, you should increase the total price.

The owner said that since the opening of the end of April, he has received orders for custom mats every day, but there is still a long way to go from the peak season when the daily sales reach 5,000 yuan. “Now custom mats can be picked up in just one or two days, and after mid-June, they may have to wait a week.”

The reporter searched on the shopping website with the word “mat” as the key, and found that there are currently thousands of related products for sale online. The variety of online sale mats is mainly rattan seats. The discounts for merchants are mostly between 3 and 5 fold. The minimum price for a double bed and two pillows is only 39 yuan. A hot-selling 59-yuan mat set has sold more than 600 sets.

How to choose different materials

Bamboo mat: It is made of brushed bamboo with a bamboo age of about 5 years. It should not be used with chemicals and additives, and the touch is very cool. The high-quality bamboo mat has the characteristics of bamboo rule, uniform color, smooth polished surface, no burr and good flexibility. There should be no obvious insect scars on the mat surface. At the same time, it should be noted whether there is a broken joint between the ribs connecting the bamboo strips and whether the gap between the bamboo strips is compact. A good bamboo mat should have the natural fragrance of bamboo. If the bamboo mat has a musty smell, it may be a product with a long storage time.

Straw mat: The quality of the mat is thick, long-lasting, and smoother. The more slippery the grass, the lighter the grass. The mat is cool and gentle, suitable for all people, and only a few people are allergic to it. When purchasing, it is necessary to see whether the mat is smooth, whether the color is uniform, whether the weaving is tight, and the mat can be opened, and it is better to look at the light and opaque. The color is uniform and uniform, the surface is smooth, the burr is less, the grass is not broken, the light is opaque, and the edges are neat and sturdy. If you have black, mildew or withered yellow grass, you should not buy it.

Linen mat: The linen mat is a mat made of natural linen fiber. Its mildness is gentle for all people, and it is very convenient to wash and store. The high-quality linen mat has a clear grain surface, dense fibers and soft luster. Hemp fibers and cloud-like markings can be seen through the light. The hand feels cool, has a certain hardness, and has few folds after grasping. In addition, the quality linen mat has a small feel.

Yateng: Yateng is a natural wood fiber dyed and woven, cool and comfortable, moderately cool, suitable for all people. When choosing, you should choose a thick and durable product. The inferior Asian rattan is generally weak and easy to wrinkle.

Cowhide Seat: Made from natural whole buffalo, it has a mild cooling and is suitable for all people. The surface of the leather mat is smooth and soft, with a certain elasticity to stretch, accompanied by a light leathery fragrance. The leather mat is a high-end product, the price is generally in the thousands of dollars, it is recommended that you buy in the regular store, so as not to be fooled.

In addition, there are several situations that are not suitable for sleeping, including when you are cold and cold, and when you have a cold, you should not sleep. People with weak constitution and cold stomach should not sleep. People with sores and other skin diseases should not sleep. A mat; diabetics are not suitable for sleeping. Because the new mat is easy to rub the skin, and people with diabetes have high blood sugar, bacteria are easy to breed, and it is easy to cause skin infection. In particular, infants with delicate skin should not sleep, because some mats contain a source of allergies, which can easily lead to allergic new dermatitis.

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