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May 25 to June 25 i-baby joint parent Net and Cradle Net, Sina, Sohu, Tencent, Fenghuang Wang and other media around "how to buy a good bed and healthy bedding", "sleeping environment for the baby to grow What impact "and other topics to start activities to the community to popularize" baby green sleep "related knowledge, emphasizing that baby sleep is different from adult sleep, but also need special attention of parents, the event i-baby also focused on the introduction of" , Beech made "," baby green sleep "slogan, the crib and bedding safety and environmental standards first. Advocating "green sleeping space" at the same time, i-baby chief brand officer Dawn believes that children need more than just a crib, but by a sleeping environment, audio-visual environment and touch environment and other components of the "firstborn Space ": this space is the baby's first recognition of the world; this space from birth to death, has been accompanied by baby growth; this space is not optional, but based on the concept of advanced scientific nursery; this space to raise Into the baby's personality and temperament, will affect the baby's life growth. Therefore, i-baby believe: baby's one-meter world, affecting their happy life! Baby's first perception, affecting their lifelong mind! By i-baby launched the "firstborn first space", is committed to 0-3 years old newborn Baby to create a safe and healthy growth environment: the "living space" made up of American beech crib, children's art bedding, health sleeping bag, embroidery blanket and other products to fully meet the healthy green sleep needs of infants and children 0-3 years old, Carefully develop the baby's noble temperament, and promote mental development and healthy growth.

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