Discussion on the performance of TOYOTA JAT710 air jet loom

As the best-selling air jet loom, JAT710 has been widely loved by users all over the world. With the development of a society that has ceased to serve, the requirements of customers have become more diversified and highly sophisticated. Toyota has developed JAT710 based on the JAT610 to improve its technical content.

JAT710 inherits the JAT610 concept of producing high-quality fabrics at low cost, and is superior in terms of high-speed, low-vibration, and energy-saving basic performance. At the same time, in order to adapt to the development of modern factories, JAT710 is equipped with many of the most advanced electronic control technology. Moreover, the use of a new color multifunction operating panel that can be connected to the Internet will have great potential as a new generation of weaving machines.

The new JAT710 air-jet looms have been improved by the weft insertion and beating movements, and the new structure of the heald frame is used, which reduces the air consumption by 20% and shock absorption by 30%, and the running speed can reach 1250r/min.
JAT710 air jet loom is developed and produced by Toyota Dingye Group Co., Ltd. and sold to Europe, North and South America and Africa through Suhex (CH) such as L5400 loom. The loom is equipped with the latest IT functions for factory management. Powerful CPU, web-based function board and newly developed TMS (Toyota Surveillance System) not only allow users to collect data from a single PC, such as shift reports for each loom, but also enable multiple loom Two-way communication, as well as network connections inside and outside the company. The JAT710 looms are connected to the network via a standard LAN and Toyota's performance testing software is installed. It is easy for users to introduce high-performance network functions into the factory. Its main features are as follows:
-- Detection function: Through the PC, the operator can view data information, such as the output, efficiency and predicted value of the delivery volume of each loom;
-- Two-way communication between loom: The operator can detect data such as output and efficiency, and can browse through the settings of other loom and adjust it through the function board of a loom;
-- Two-way communication inside and outside the network: Through the connection with the Internet, operators can communicate with users in different places through the "JAT710" function board.

Five advantages:

1. The movement mode of each heald frame can be freely set through the multi-function operation panel.

2. Each heald frame can be freely set to different vertical angles.

3, each heald frame can be set to close the time.

4. Even if 16 heald frames are used, there will be no restrictions on unbalanced fabrics.

5, the heald frame can be individually woven.

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