How to open the child's intellectual children's clothing how to match with the baby

Many mothers think children develop more late than other children, many babies are very clever, can write, ah, what, but their baby how to do it? This makes mothers are very anxious, in fact, this phenomenon is normal, it is impossible for each child will be the same growth, certainly late and early, then we must rely on the usual intellectual development, starting from the trivial things, from clothing From the beginning, children should be decorated with bright colored clothes, which will make children know more about color matching. Photo credit: Omega Fashion 2013 autumn and winter series bright pink cotton style, take a blue knit shirt, two bright colors embellishment, so that children more active, color matching, but also allows children to find their own color from the most Like the style, you can also develop her childhood concept of fashion, with the trend, it will also help intelligence. Nowadays, many mothers put their kids in a very trendy style, so the colors are becoming brighter and brighter. The styles are becoming more and more trendy. Are you trendy for children's dresses? You are a qualified tide mom? If you still need to learn then that Omega can look at the children's clothing, how to match bright colors, what is not bright color, the most simple and most stylish with dark leggings, or plaid casual pants, not too light, This is enough to match up with a stylish dress.

Novelty Toys:

Novelty, just as its name implies, can be directly understood as new, strange, special;Also can further understand for the new products, ideas, unique personality. The so-called novelty, actually is the rise in recent years, a noun, it is the floorboard of all ideas. Novelty toy is in order to increase the competitiveness of the toys, on the basis of some original toy constantly add new functionality, features, or even to redesign combination of different toys function after moving to a new toy, this type needs certain technical support. There is a low technology content, more generally, is the original function in keeping the toy, change its appearance modelling, make it more adapt to the market trend, and even leads the way. As the ceaseless improvement of people's living conditions, people in the toy increasing spending. Novelty toy already go to the public's life, but also become a powerful sword in the competition in the market. Especially in the market fully into the era of virtual network, to enhance life taste, make public individual character era, more show its superiority. Novelty toy to people's life add some fun. These novelty toy variety, the products are of good quality, highly popular in the market, attract the attention of many young people, and conform to the young people the pursuit of unique individual character, vogue strange characteristics. Novelty toy has a lot of classification, different classification has different characteristics. Mainly divided into funny toys, magic toys, cartoon toys, sports toys, fashion accessories, household articles for use of multiple series of products. The novelty funny toy class divide again for moving the funnys, electric funny, plush funny, Educational funny, horror comedy, vent funny, etc. Novelty toy magic class has a unique temperament, magic in brings new experience to the person at the same time, also can be used as a kind of showing off play handsome capital, the love of consumers. Novelty cartoon toy types is the youth, young, middle-aged and old people's favorite, it followed a consistent style, fashion animated cartoon works at home and abroad to lineup for young and old, vivid image of product quality, attracted the attention of many customers. Novelty sports toys, in football, basketball, billiards, the Olympic Games, Asian games, all kinds of sports, such as symbols of the national games, such as material, culture as a basis for creativity, is a favorite of many sports enthusiasts. Novelty toy also have fashion home decoration, car accessories, personal accessories, such as functional diversity, wide range of USES, can be used for various occasions of decoration, increased the fun that lives in the life. Continuous innovation to create our Novelty toys, new ideas emerge in endlessly, this will greatly stimulate the consumer market, easy to catch young people's psychological, hot style will not be difficult to sell like hot cakes.


Novelty Toys:

1. Name: Novelty Toys.

2. Material: zinc alloy, stainless steel, aluminum, brass, leather, Vinyl, ABS, acrylic, silicone, wood, artificial crystal, rhinestone, pompon, non-woven fabrics, EVA foam, natural latex and so on. Eco-friendly, could meet EU standard

3. Size: Customer size.

4. Color: pantone colors as per customer

5. Usage: the aged / children / adult.

6. Logo: Printing and mould injection.

7. Imprint Method: Silk printing; Heat transfer printing and so on

8. Style: Stylish, Customized style is available.

9. Feature: Safety materials with certification.

10. Packing: 1pcs/opp or Customized packing is accepted.

11. Design: ODM, OEM, Design Service Offered and Buyer Label Offered are welcomed.

12. Shipping Port: Ningbo or Shanghai.

13. Shipping Method: By Courier, Air cargo and Sea.

14. Sample time: 7-10 days.

15. Shipping time: 20-30 days after confirmation.

Novelty Toys

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