Eall.cz Italy and Macao Humen â‘  shop "Carnival about" performance exceeded 40,000

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Eall.cz Italy and Australia Women's Humen â‘  store Christmas Eve, Christmas two days time sales 48750 yuan ......

Activity time: 12.24-12.25

Activity theme: Eall.cz carnival about the temperature temperament

Venue: Eall.cz Humen â‘  direct sales stores

Sales: 48,750 yuan

Eall.cz 意澳虎门①号店“狂欢之约” 业绩突破4万

The day before Christmas Eve, shopping guide who are busy busy ..... shop inside the first warm little activity, that is, into the store will be a package of exquisite Pingguo fruit. Let us Eall.cz family in this warm Christmas Eve, to you and your family to send a safe and peaceful.

Eall.cz 意澳虎门①号店“狂欢之约” 业绩突破4万

Beautiful peace fruit should be placed in the conspicuous shop, often many people are curious to enter the shop ...

Eall.cz 意澳虎门①号店“狂欢之约” 业绩突破4万

Activities of the "X" display to be placed in front of the store, so that every customer into the store will be the first time I learned that "profitable."

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