Sissi Qian: Looking forward to the development trend of underwear in 2014

The development of each industry are related to the improvement of the consumption level. Take China's underwear industry for example. In the past, autumn clothes and autumn trousers could meet people's needs. But now we want to see how much the underwear market in China has appeared Underwear brands like Adoration, Wacoal, Embry, Sissi and so on, these are the best women's lingerie brands, but have their own unique design, to meet the needs of women, from this point on Seeing China's underwear industry has undergone tremendous changes.

In recent years, there have been a number of domestic underwear brands with a certain scale, but also emerged a lot of small and medium-sized enterprises that are trying hard to build their brands. However, they are still far from foreign underwear brands to break this current situation and need to build a Chinese underwear industry. Big turn strong core competitiveness, to do this.

1. Technical Innovation In the fabric development technology, it is necessary to improve the fabric comfort, but also increase the functionality of the fabric. The traditional natural fiber modification and optimization, and constantly develop new fibers, such as Modal, fiber and moisture quick-drying fiber and so on. If the domestic underwear manufacturers do not have the ability to independently develop fabrics, you can choose to cooperate with advanced yarn or fabric companies at home and abroad to carry out new product development. In technology, one is to improve the level of spinning technology and equipment, so that the process of continuous, automated, high-speed. A lot of new technologies have emerged in the process of continuous improvement and improvement of textile technology. The yarn has been developed in the direction of small fine twisting and low twist, and yarn quality has been improved in terms of smoothness, reduction of yarn hairiness and improvement of strength.

2 is to promote the use of advanced weaving equipment. Braiding technology can improve the fabric structure, make it more superior performance, higher and higher added value of science and technology.

3 is to promote the dyeing and finishing process innovation. Advanced dyeing and finishing process to a greater extent, functional underwear and fashion products.

For China's underwear industry, in recent years, the rapid development of China's underwear brand of time, there have been many brands, the Chinese underwear industry has become more standardized, from simple ordinary underwear to the functional underwear have been rapid development, especially like Functional underwear into the female field of vision within a short period of time has been recognized by the market, showing a trend to replace ordinary underwear, but now the distinction between underwear in China's underwear market is also very clear, there are first-line underwear brand, underwear brand, underwear Brand and so on.

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