Emerald market price

Emerald is known as the king of emeralds, a very precious gemstone (the birthstone of May), one of the four precious stones (red, blue, emerald and diamond) recognized by the international jewelry industry. Because of its unique green and unique charm, as well as magical legends, it has been favored by Westerners. Recently, it has become more and more popular among Chinese people. Among the many silicate minerals, the color of emerald is the most attractive, so it is loved.


As for the market of the jade market, my opinion is that, first of all, jadeite as a kind of art should be cut from the perspective of beauty. Don’t think about “bottom-hunting” and greed. Secondly, as a luxury, its price fluctuations tend to focus on High-end goods, ordinary jade jewelry appreciation opportunities are few and far between. If there is a bottom-up, there will be climbing, there will be hype, which is not quite right for art, and such an art market is also unhealthy.

At the same time, bargain-hunting has no guiding significance for ordinary consumers. Affected by the domestic market and the economic environment, China’s luxury consumption has problems. The consumption value has come down, and it has spread to the Myanmar public market. Domestic jewellery and jade are in re-integration. Although it is good for the people to invest in jade at this time, I have always been This view: the price is rising, not the downstream products. Ordinary consumers spend thousands of dollars or 20,000 yuan, tens of thousands of dollars to buy jade, there will be no chance to turn many times. Therefore, if it is mass consumption, spending money to buy interest, like is the best angle.

The fine products, whether it is wool or finished products, have not fallen, but have been rising. Real high-end things have strong anti-attack ability and will never be dominated by the market. Do you see the paintings of famous painters such as Fu Baoshi, Zhang Daqian and Qi Baishi, how strong are they to fight? The same is true of jade and jade. As a precious and rare mineral, there are only a few good materials. This year, the volume and transaction price of the Myanmar public plate fell, it may be that the quality of the original stone did not reach the level of previous years, the price has slipped. With a good stone, it is not easy to put together a good design and engraving work. The top grade is expensive, and the supply is in short supply. It is caused by the buyer's market. Everyone has diamonds, and giant diamonds are rare. Mineral resources are scarce, high-grade jade is rare, rarely seen in shopping malls, they are unlikely to be cheap, affected by adjustments, the market is down, low-end products, is the price of the mass market. The low-end price of jade does have a rational downward adjustment process. In recent years, the speculation has been too high. In our opinion, it is that some "bricks" and junk goods can be sold so expensive and unreasonable.

Jade is not a weapon, but the jade is different. The jade highlights the beauty of the material. All the carvings serve the beauty of the material. How the species, water and color are reflected in the craft. The highlight of Jade is not the performance of carving, so the high-grade jade is not carved, this is where buyers need to pay attention. Unlike other stone materials, such as Hetian jade and Tian Huangshi, it is not so prominent in stone beauty that must be engraved to reflect value.


Sodalite Pendant

Sodalite Gemsotne Pendant

Sodalite Gemstone meaning

Sodalite brings inner peace. Keep sodalite in your pockets and in every room of your house, so its peaceful properties will flow all around you.

Sodalite is a dark blue stone with white calcite interspersed. It is sometimes confused with Lapis Lazuli as it also has small specks of pyrite in it. The largest deposit of sodalite is in Brazil.

Sodalite is the stone of athletics, as it stimulates endurance. It is said sodalite will harmonize the inner being or the conscious and subconscious mind. Sodalite promotes peace and harmony. Sodalite is extra lucky for writers.

Healing properties of Sodalite

Sodalite is associated with the thyroid. It is perfect in a necklace. Wear it when you want to lose a few pounds. It helps in communicating and will give confidence to speak more.

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