First time to wear underwear adolescent how to choose how to choose your first bra

Beauty of the heart of everyone, especially girls. Breast, as a girl or a woman's beauty mark, by their extreme attention, and as a breast close friend - underwear , has become the focus of selection. However, for some girls in the development stage, there is not much choice of underwear experience, there is no stereotyped breast, which for them to choose the right underwear caused no small difficulty.

In this regard, some experts have given advice:


First, the lack of exercise nutrition.

Most adolescent girls are between the ages of 7 and 19, during which time they undergo major physical and mental changes. This means that women's sexual ability to develop at the age of 7, moderate exercise and adequate nutrition is particularly important.

Second, we must wear underwear.

Many girls did not wear underwear when they first started to develop, which is not right. Underwear should be worn during development, otherwise they may cause damage to their chest or ligaments, or humpbacks, or even hypoplasia.

Third, breast development needs bust support.

Women's breasts are mostly composed of breast fat, there is no muscle tissue. Therefore, when the girls develop, the breast can not withstand the pressure, it will block the blood circulation. So it is easy to have blood, leading to breast disease, breasts more easily injured during exercise. If the breasts are injured, the girls may have mastitis. Some girls feel embarrassed to wear busts, which can cause them to hump and affect their future study and work.

Fourth, underwear selected under the circumstances.

To wear underwear is necessary, but the selection of appropriate underwear is more important. According to the age and development to choose the size of underwear. Loose underwear is not conducive to shaping a good figure, too tight, hinder their breast development.

Fifth, according to the occasion selected underwear.

In different occasions to wear different clothes, we all know, in fact, under different circumstances, the underwear is also the need to change. Therefore, body lingerie and sports underwear are preferred. Girls can not wear too tight underwear, because they do a lot of exercise every day, too tight underwear will hinder their growth and health. Of course, the chest will be affected, because the chest can not be fully expanded, while hindering the body's oxygen supply. Too tight a bust will be pressed against the chest, the blood flow, usually lead to eating pain and hypoplasia. On the contrary, do not wear or wear too loose bust is wrong. Therefore, girls should wear sports bust in exercise, daily wear protective bust.

Sixth, can not wear underwear bracket.

In many adult lingerie, there are brackets or metal ring, which is not harmful to adult women, but a great impact on girls. Bracket is not conducive to physical development, so do not choose with a bracket, wire, glue or chemical fiber bust.

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