Fall dress how to dress with straps Skirt style

What is the magic weapon for girls? That is Zhuangnen, wipe more cosmetics than a loaded tender clothes, so what kind of clothing is tender? To know the color of two women's dresses to tell you, what is the real tender, was tender and sometimes very simple, as long as a strap dress is enough, to know color women's 2015 autumn new strap dress to wear.


Straps Most people will choose a denim strap skirt, because more wild, and denim strap skirts usually like to wear a white T-shirt, summer straps with short sleeves, autumn straps, of course, to be equipped with long sleeves, white long T-shirt can not need Any pattern embellishment on such a light board is enough, the knowledge of color women's denim strap skirt with a long white T-shirt, coupled with a cap can be out of the street.

秋季背带裙怎么搭配 背带裙款式搭配

Burgundy strap dress, burgundy strap dress a little skirt version of the type, cotton fabric, if accompanied by a white T-shirt certainly no special features, but coupled with a dark blue + white stitching T-shirt style stripes But there are different feelings, and sometimes T-shirts also need a variety of colors prepared, so with the feeling will not be very monotonous.

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