Buying amber in a big upswing "select not to buy bad"


Today saw a report last year, a shop in a museum in Guangzhou sold amber fakes, and finally identified, "natural amber" is made of plastic. Last year was also the tide of amber price hikes, amber fraud and plunder, and many laymen became "water fish." Not to mention that under the drive of interests, fake goods can be sold in the museum. Although it is carried out in stores, it is also responsible for oversight. Various situations can occur in places where market regulation is relatively loose. With the development of technology, the means of fraud has emerged one after another. Therefore, our amber literary fans in this round of price hikes must be carefully scrutinized, master enough of amber knowledge to start, and can exchange learning experiences with old players.

The Gdansk International Amber Show, which just ended last week, has pushed the upsurge in amber prices. According to the reporter's report, the exhibitors of the Polish amber exhibition in more than 200 different countries have an unprecedented number of exhibitors. Many amber merchants clearly saw the hidden business opportunities in the adjustment of the amber policy of the country, and the reduction of amber raw materials will inevitably bring about price increases. The main crowd in the amber show is Chinese buyers. Basically, each booth is surrounded by a group of Chinese buyers. The owner of the booth even hires Chinese people for translation. This information may bring a little comfort to the domestic amber enthusiasts. When the Chinese buyers return, they may be able to find some good goods. Recently, some good goods will appear on the market, but they can't be expected to be too high. Good things must be in the town, and things that flow out must be carefully viewed. Some bad merchants may sell the West Bay goods under the guise of the Polish Amber Show. To be insured, go to some acquaintances or reputable stores.

On the other hand, the price of amber that everyone is very concerned about. Foreigners also understand the Chinese people's preferences, and the old will be expensive, and the white will be high. Old honey is from 40 euros to 120 euros a gram, white honey from the last 30 euros to 100 euros per gram. Coupled with the general international raw material production cuts, the Chinese business aunt-style looting, the price of amber good is inevitably not low. Therefore, when you encounter the best baby, you can see the true and false, it is definitely worth starting. At this stage, it is definitely worth more than starting with the general color. Nowadays, the domestic market is basically eating and storing food. When the green and yellow are not connected, the days of factory business in the second half of the year are not destined.

The Polish Amber International Exhibition has always been the industry's vane, and its amber jewelry design has led the world trend. This exhibition has completely become the procurement conference of Chinese merchants. It is not difficult to see that this hot situation, the price increase has been avoided, what we have to do is to try not to make a big mess in this, to get a good baby, open eyes to defend the true and false, decisive shot, buy You can't buy bad.

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