Zhao Liying endorsed underwear brand Zhao Liying vitality for the romantic spring endorsement

In 2015, the romantic spring ushered in a happy event - the successful signing of the popular movie star Zhao Liying romantic spring brand image spokesperson!

This is a big joy, can be described as hope. In the previous consumer survey, we found that nearly 60% of the people think that Zhao Liying is the most suitable spokesman for the brand of romantic spring. Because of its sweet looks, fashionable youth, hard work and inspiring career, Spring brand temperament and development status quo.


Zhao Liying - she is Variety Elves, interpretation of the achievements of many classic; she is the goddess of the Golden Eagle, and strive to pay de facto; she is the national sweetheart for the romantic spring brand vitality endorsement!

In retrospect of Zhao Liying's fame, she shows her audiences a vivid image of a lively film and television actress. Her performance has made many film and television dramas popular among the public. You know she participated in which ratings burst popularity of television works? Which one of the most beautiful she moved you?

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In 2015, Zhao Liying new drama continues, fiery degree is extraordinary

In 2015, romantic spring innovation and evolution, fast fashion change struck

2015, romantic spring × Zhao Liying, fashion fit, much anticipated!


This is the spring of Zhao goddess, sweet, fashion, vitality, youth

She often interprets a character, will attract a wave of all ages, "Ying fire insects" to join

Every character has fans who show a different Zhao Liying

Her attendance and dedication are reflected in every public appearance


She has no background, some are sweat hard back

This is similar to the growth of romantic spring

Ten years

Romantic spring from the creation to the present well-known brand of underwear

Hardships and honor go hand in hand


In fact, the play outside

Fashionable and honest and stylish Zhao Liying are consistent with the romantic spring temperament

Can be seen from the various findings

Choose Zhao Liying endorsement romantic spring highest voice

Not her, but also who?


Zhao Liying, a romantic spring inspirational endorsement!

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