Commonwealth brand children's clothing store Longtian Fujian grand opening

Celebrate Burkina Faso children's clothing store opened in Fujian Longtian! May Longtian sunny, pleasant weather, in the bursts of summer breeze, commoner children wear cool clothes arrived, after several days of decoration, commoner children's clothing shop in Fujian Longtian dress finally available for the Dragon Children bring different kind of wonderful childhood in summer. Longtian Town is located in the middle of the Longgao Peninsula in Fuqing City and is the most populated township in Fuqing City. Long Tian has always been the business center of Fuqing Longgao Peninsula, is one of the twenty commerce prosperous towns in Fuzhou. He has won the honorary title of "National Fitness Advanced Township" and "Top Ten Civilized Townships" all over the country. He was awarded the title of "Advanced Grass-roots Party Committee" in Fuzhou and Fujian Provinces for three consecutive years. Boyda Bennett children's clothing stationed in Longtian, will be "unusual" fashion sense, to show healthy fashion, personality, avant-garde "unusual" brand features, with healthy and comfortable, soft and environmentally friendly, stylish personality products, bring children Healthy and happy childhood, so that more children enjoy the "Cloth Banner • BUYIBANNA" childhood fashion journey. Summer, the children should also be new friends, Mom and Dad and children quickly go to the commoner to buy it !

Boucle Houndstooth Design Fabric

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