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Thick winter has arrived, the temperature hovering at zero, the frozen season of frozen feet has officially entered our life, now what to wear it is not cold? Woolen coat is a female friend in winter more like a dress, special material with a special texture, warm Slim effect is a reason women love, and the long section of the woolen coat is the concern, in addition to some small Girls prefer a short paragraph jacket, long section of the winter clothing apparel hot selling style, today the main push store women's long wool coat, teach you the perfect match Raiders.


Store love women

Women's clothing is a store for young women to provide clothing with clothing, this section of the green Slim woolen jacket, a long section in the slightly pruned, more close to the body curve, not loose production is the most comfortable status. This section color wool with black collar bottoming shirt, orange shorts against the body, take off the jacket can see the slim figure, put the jacket is the perfect curve.

女式中长款毛呢外套 毛呢外套搭配

Store love women

The figure in the two are bright yellow, long section, but different styles, the left side of the Korean version of straight-type design, the design joined the shoulder shape collar, white collar bottoming shirt with blue wool shorts , More prominent body. Figure right sweet cute coat, tighten the part of the bottom of the chest, add clothes to add wrinkles fold, so that the body to show the effect of skirts, a treasure blue stockings as a base, hit highlight the youthful pressing breath.

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