There are no rims or steel underwear Ting-Ting underwear Weapon

Underwear in the woman's world, underwear is the most essential part. Now underwear is divided into two kinds of steel rims and no rims, underwear rims, can effectively gather to adjust, not free, the formation of a sexy career line. Underwear no rims, the biggest feature is not bound, to the chest free space, Imagine breathing.

In the end is to wear a steel ring or no rims bra? Tingmei underwear advice: what to wear, still have to choose according to their own needs.

Advantages of no rims:

No rims underwear because of the use of a molding process, the entire cup smoother, no oppression of the breast, breast problems, this is the non-steel underwear benefits to the body's internal. Medical research found that women who wear a steel ring bra every day for more than 10 hours have a greater chance of developing breast disease. Therefore, women are advised not to be too harsh on their own breasts, a few days a week to wear a bra without a ring is still good for health.

The advantages of a steel ring:

Bra strap with the biggest role is to support and stability, to help beautify the chest. Especially for women with big breasts, bra breasts are more suitable to avoid the appearance of sagging breasts, external expansion and relaxation. We may often see many women abroad do not wear underwear altogether, but there is a big difference between the oriental and Westerners physical structure, small chest and chest discomfort and other issues are rare. So for most of the existence of the Oriental women who have a chest type, the adjustable underwear with a steel ring is preferred.

So, do not absolutely say which one is good or which one is not good, with and without rims have their own advantages. For example, when the physiological period, because breast changes do not fit underwear wearing a steel ring, you can choose no rims to make the breast more comfortable; work or some important occasions to choose a steel ring, so you can make your own body look It is more perfect.

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