What to wear winter clothes to add vintage printing it

In the street, if you carefully, you will find that many clothes are added to the retro printing elements. Whether it is spring or summer dresses or autumn and winter models jacket jacket down drastically into the printing. When this element of a strong hit, let us greet and join the printing family.


This down jacket retro flavor, very Tang and Song Yuan court feeling. The ancient and modern elements together, it is in line with the aesthetic needs of contemporary people. The beauty of the dancing posture and other mix of different styles printed on the down jacket, bold but not publicized, rich cultural sense. The collar's purple plush echoed the tone of the entire garment. Pleat line design does not seem dull, water-like mobility.

冬天穿什么衣服 加入复古印花族吧

Seemingly only in the vase to see such grandiose flowers. This tone is based on the pink jacket is set off the skin. Body covered with diamond pattern, it is personal. From the cuffs to the clothes at the office, are irregular large printing, has become the bright pen of the clothes of the place. No scarves, as long as a fur collar can warm a whole winter.

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