Shanghai Consumer Protection Committee: The qualification rate of UV protection clothing is only 3.13%

According to the "Youth Daily" report, yesterday, the Shanghai Consumer Protection Committee issued the "anti-ultraviolet clothing comparison test results report", the results show that only 32 pieces of 32 anti-UV clothing samples meet the national "determination of textile UV protection performance" standards, The pass rate is only 3.13%, and the global multinational special chemical product company “Clarian”, which only provides UV protection products for UV protection fabric manufacturers, has issued a logo with UV protection coefficient for UV clothing fabric manufacturers.

The 32 pieces of anti-UV clothing purchased by the Shanghai Consumer Protection Committee in this comparative trial were purchased from large shopping malls and online stores at a price ranging from 62 yuan to 483 yuan. Most of them have "anti-UV" in the absence of explicit evidence. ", "anti-sun" and other properties.

According to the national standard "Determination of UV protection performance of textiles", the UV protection product label should be marked with three basic contents: numerical value, national standard number and prompt. When the UV protection factor is greater than 40, and the solar ultraviolet transmittance is less than 5%, it can be called "UV protection product". However, the test results showed that only one of the 32 samples was qualified. The unqualified samples include the “NIKKO” women's ultra-light sports jacket produced by Xinli Sports Goods (Zhuhai) Co., Ltd. and the “A-Bone Dragon” couple's thin skin windbreaker produced by Fuzhou Yuanxing Trading Co., Ltd.

The comparative test also found that some products hang the "Clariant" UV protection product logo and clearly indicated the UV protection factor "UPF 50" or "UPF 30". However, the test results show that the UV protection factor values ​​of the above products are all below 20.

The Shanghai Consumer Protection Committee interviewed Mr. Xu, the person in charge of “Clariant”. The other party said that the company produced anti-UV agents for the production of anti-UV fabrics and sold UV-protected labels at a price of 0.3 yuan per piece. To date, Clariant's UV protection agents account for more than 50% of the market, and the number of labels sold is in millions.

Fan Qiang, director of the Legal and Theoretical Research Department of the Shanghai Consumer Protection Committee, pointed out that “Clariant” is not responsible for consumers and is easy to mislead consumers. It should be rectified and apologize to consumers. “Clariant” Mr. Xu said that he will stop issuing labels to UV-resistant garment fabric manufacturers.

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