Talking about the design of modern perfume bottle

The application of spices is almost accompanied by the entire process of human civilization history. Looking back at the history of the development of spices, we can find that our ancestors used medicinal plants to ward off quarantines as early as 5,000 years ago. The ancient Babylonians and ancient Assyrians knew how to incense to treat diseases 3,500 years ago. Alcohol or balm has been used in bathing to be considered beneficial to the skin, and ancient Greeks and Romans have applied fresh or dry aromatic plants to calm, relieve pain or excite. With the advancement of modern analytical testing techniques, the mechanism by which spices exert on human psychology and physiology has been recognized.


In the process of use, the perfume is inevitably used to hold the container. The history of the container is as long as it is. Its development is in sync with the history of human civilization, and it has been through pottery, bronze, wood, porcelain and glass (glazed). In modern times, due to the advancement of glass formulation, melting and molding technology, and due to the unique chemical stability of glass and the decorative nature after processing, it has gradually replaced other materials and become the main material for modern perfume containers. For modern people, the more common flavors in everyday life have evolved into perfumes – a daily consumer that is known as intangible fashion.

1 modern perfume bottle material

Modern perfume bottles are mostly made of soda lime glass, and a small number of high-grade perfume bottles are made of lead crystal glass. Due to the high price of the contents, the material cost of the perfume bottle is not a factor that designers should consider. Modern perfume bottle designers pay more attention to the shape, color and decoration of perfume bottles, so that consumers of perfumes not only “reward” but also “pleasing their eyes” in the process of using the products. There is also the role of decorating the room.

Among the large variety of perfume bottles, most of them are high-white soda-lime glass. The quality of the glass of these vials is quite high, and there are few bubbles and stones visible to the naked eye. Of course, the bubbles added as decorative effects are not in the column. In addition to the function of the container, this type of perfume bottle can clearly show the color of the perfume to achieve the effect of attracting consumers' eyes. Because the clear and transparent perfume will remind consumers of the high-end, plus the preference of the consumer's favorite varieties, it will stimulate their desire to buy, and the yellowish to the greenish green is reminiscent of nature, for the modern people who are returning to nature. In fact, it is undoubtedly an attractive selling point. Stained glass is also one of the materials available to designers. Perfume bottle stylists can choose the color of glass in a wide range of red, orange, green, blue, and purple, depending on their imagination and needs.

2 perfume bottle shape and design

Perfume is generally divided into three types: female, male and female. In recent years, women and men have been intensified in the direction of subdivision. As far as the molding process is concerned, it is nothing more than blowing, pressing, blowing-blowing and pressure-blowing. In order to achieve the beauty of the bottle body, the glass is evenly distributed, and the two-petal mold small-mouth pressure blowing process is used as much as possible to avoid the two-waist phenomenon of the bottle body caused by the blowing and blowing method. Due to advances in glass forming technology, the art of making glass into various shapes has reached almost the desired level. Therefore, it is not surprising that the perfume bottles on the market are in different poses. As a result of the creative work of industrial designers, many perfume bottles of various shapes come out every year. There are figurative shapes (anthropomorphic, pseudo-objective), geometric modeling (combination of basic shapes), abstract modeling (gradient, conceptual). In addition to the shape and glass melting quality, the main factors affecting the appearance of the perfume bottle are the material of the mold, the finish of the mold surface, the fineness of the mold seam and the pattern engraving.

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