Storage and maintenance of cotton quilts

Cotton is a necessity for every family. Pure cotton made of high-quality cotton is naturally comfortable and warm to the body, which can greatly promote the healthy sleep of the human body. When winter comes to spring, people have put on cool spring clothes. When they come home to see thick quilts, they are getting bigger. How to "dispose" them?

Usually we sweat when we sleep, more than we imagined. We put a quilt on the bed together, which will make the moisture in the quilt unable to be released. Therefore, after getting up, the quilt will be stacked for a while and then stacked. better. In addition, cotton is to be durable, you have to pay attention to the method of stacking. Don't start stacking from the long side at first, but fold the two wide sides together and then fold them over. This way the cotton wool is lighter and the quilt is more durable.

When using a cotton quilt, put on a quilt to ensure the fiber thickness of the cotton. If the core is stained, remember to use a damp cloth with a neutral soap to wipe off the stain. Cotton is allowed to sunbathe every half month to restore its fluffiness. When drying the quilt, many people like to pat the cotton. They always feel that they have beaten the dust out, but this is a big mistake. Many cotton quilts can't stand the beat, the cotton quilt is short and fragile, tapping After that, the cotton will be deformed and the fluffy feeling will be difficult to recover.

Then the quilt is collected, how should it be placed? The quilt is relatively heavy, so the common habit is to put the quilt in the lower wardrobe, but this is not good for the quilt. The lower half of the cabinet is more prone to moisture than the upper half. In order to prevent moisture, it is better to put the quilt on the upper layer of the cabinet. The lower layer can be placed on the lower moisture-resistant cushion. It is also best to place the quilt on top when placed. If the quilt is placed at the bottom, the quilt is easily pressed and loses its elasticity.

Real wax fabric is produced by using the wax-resist method and is usually printed on both sides of the fabric , there are usually some slight imperfections in the dye work and pieces will be unique.

Real wax fabric is comfortable weaving, anti-static, shrink-resistant, tear-resistant, so it is often used for garment, shirt, dress, curtains, table cloth, home textiles.

Real Wax Printing Fabric

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