African arts and crafts market settled in Nansong Yujie

Those who have been to the Shanghai World Expo will certainly be impressed with the exotic African arts and crafts in the African Union Pavilion. Because these handicrafts are so popular with Chinese tourists, organizers want to find a fixed sales office in China. Yesterday, at the Dajing Alley near the Southern Song Dynasty imperial street, an African arts and crafts shop named “He Zun” opened, where not only many authentic African crafts can be found, but beautiful African girls can also be seen.

He Zun, who opened the business yesterday, put the

African crafts brought to Hangzhou. "The Expo site is too busy now. Many African countries' crafts can't be put into place once. So this month, the store mainly sells handicrafts from Kenya and Tanzania," said Mr. Jin, the person in charge of He Zun. "And after the World Expo ends, more arts and crafts from African countries will be placed in stores. The area of ​​the shop will also be expanded from 200 square meters to 800 square meters. Like the Expo, the store will also display the artworks of various African countries. ."


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