What kind of powder crystal can be divided into several

Pink crystal is powder crystal. Powder crystal, also known as rose crystal, hibiscus stone or rose crystal, a kind of quartz stone, is a famous love gem. The texture of the powder crystal is brittle, and it contains a trace amount of titanium to form a pink color. If it is exposed to sunlight for a long time, it will lose its original delicate color. The common artificial processing method is dyeing. Pure quartz allows UV, visible, and infrared light to pass through a range of wavelengths, with optical, piezoelectric, and electrostrictive properties. Transparency ranges from impervious to translucent to transparent, but very clear and bright natural crystals, which we call starlight powder crystals.

Pink crystal

Most can be divided into the following four types:

Traditional powder crystal

The output is large, and the powder crystals are often white with white stone, natural cloud or natural ice crack, and are opaque, and the price is also the cheapest.

Hibiscus powder crystal

Hibiscus crystal is a powder crystal with a slight transparency and a crystal quality and a delicate color. The good hibiscus crystal does not have any white stone pattern, its color is delicate and bright and flexible, and the surface light of the crystal will have a texture like water fullness and even grease.

Ice powder crystal

Ice powder crystals have a high degree of permeability, and are known for their transparency and chilliness. The good-quality ice powder crystals will also carry the natural texture of the powder crystals, while the interior will be less natural. Clouds or natural ice cracks.

Star powder

Starlight powder crystal refers to no stone grain and no cracks. The powder crystal with the transparency and the pink color as the criterion can be seen, and then the three straight lines intersect to form six distinct rays under a single light source. Starlight powder crystals often see the texture of powder white, but if it is too obvious, it will be discounted in visual effects. Therefore, a star-shaped powder crystal with a texture that is not turbid, has a distinct starburst, and can have a clearly distinguishable pink and lustrous luster is a relatively worthwhile purchase.

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