Red Classic Shiwan Ceramics Becomes Favorite New Favorite

With the increasing popularity of red classic collections, the prices of such boutiques in Shiwan Ceramics began to rise sharply. Some masterpieces rose 13 times in eight years. The reporter discovered yesterday that the Red Classic Shiwan Ceramics appreciation potential cannot be underestimated.

“Perhaps the special feelings of our generation for that era may be the current propaganda. In short, there has been a collection of red classic works in the current collectors’ community. Some collectors even repurchased from the overseas 70s and 80s. The red classic works of the era.” Tan Weibin, director of the Guangdong Provincial Museum of Art and Crafts treasures, told the Yangcheng Evening News that a collector had recently spent RMB 60,000 from Singapore to buy Liu Ze cotton, a master of Chinese crafts and art, from the 1970s. The work "Agricultural Dazhai" is still not the author's original work. It is only the author's participatory production. This shows that the collection is sought after. The current collectors' community has greatly praised Shiwan Ceramics' unique artistic and artistic qualities, and has also made its red works even more sought after by collectors.

To give two examples, a limited-edition “Mao Xiao An Yuan Yuan” work created by a master of arts and crafts in Guangdong Province and Liu Zhaojin, fifth-generation descendant of Liu’s pottery family in Foshan in 2003, was issued at a price of 4,000 yuan. To 55,000 yuan to buy. In addition, the limited-edition 110-female statue launched in 2004 by China's arts and crafts masters also jumped from 5,000 yuan to 600,000 yuan today.

In just seven or eight years, the price of the red classic Shiwan ceramic works has increased by about 13 times. The charm of its collection is indeed surprising. What are the reasons? Tan Weibin believes that, first, such red classics are highly political, and the authors tend to devote more efforts. For example, a "Founding Ceremony", the author of the light to modify it took two years; Second, such works are limited edition, generally about 100, the number is small, the price will naturally rise after the release.

So what are the most important things to pay attention to when collecting such works? Tan Weibin believes that the most important thing depends on whether the work is vivid. The red classic Shiwan ceramic works can achieve higher scores in artistic value and appreciation value only when they have achieved expressiveness, and they have great potential for appreciation. The average Shiwan ceramic works' appreciation in a year is about 20%.

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