Don't let the summer supplies mat hurt you.

Some people sleep on the mat, the skin will appear itchiness and unbearable reddish enamel size. This is an allergic skin disease, which doctors call "sand dermatitis." At present, there are many varieties of mats on the market, such as bamboo mats, straw mats, rattan seats, leather seats, etc. Some materials originally have allergens, and the mat disease is caused by grass and reed mats.

Reminder: People with allergic reactions should use bamboo or rattan mats. In addition, no matter what kind of mat is used, it is necessary to wash and dry. Before using the mats every summer, you can use the mat to expose to the sun or hot water to eliminate the mites hidden in the mat. When purchasing a mat, try to choose a product with a high brand reputation, and see the ingredients and content of the product to avoid buying "three no" products.

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