Crazy continue to warmly congratulate women and women in Shandong Kaili Weifang, Shaoyang, Hunan, two major franchise stores signed

Is it still aftertaste of double 11 crazy, or waiting for double 12 re-stimulation. Aftertaste and so are not the excitement at this moment, Xiaobian think only the good news now to be able to really. After double 11, November 13, purple card women and Shandong Weifang, Hunan Shaoyang signed two stores successfully. So shocking news, not only for consumers, franchisees and even purple card cheer themselves, I wish the two new stores opened as soon as possible!

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Shaoyang, Hunan

疯狂不断 热烈祝贺紫蔻女装与山东潍坊、湖南邵阳两大加盟店成功签约

Weifang, Shandong

The above is the decoration of two branch layout, although the decoration design is not exactly the same, but the style adopted is exactly the same. Are a simple and elegant European style, into the shop to create a customer a comfortable shopping environment. The beautiful clothes in the soft light irradiation, it is exudes an endless glory.

疯狂不断 热烈祝贺紫蔻女装与山东潍坊、湖南邵阳两大加盟店成功签约

Purple card women's clothing is designed for the 20-40 fashion women, because at this stage of female friends tend to have their own personal ideas and unique charm. Purple Kou women is a combination of Chinese elegant Shaoshou, a unique style of light elegant fast fashion.

Once again congratulate the two franchisees successfully joined the purple Kamen family, work together to join hands in creating a more brilliant career.

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