Zhou Huimin wearing a wig showing the old state praises her husband's thoughtfulness in the middle of the night cover quilt (Figure)

Taiwan "Today's News Network"

Chinanews.com August 13th According to Taiwan's "Today's News Network" news, "Yu female head" Zhou Huimin has maintained a long-haired and big-eyed image for many years, and a black and black hair is bright and elegant. It was difficult for her to get a short hair style to attend the event a few days ago. It seems strange to say how strange it is. If she wants to dress up and can't fit it, Zhou Huimin wearing a wig seems to be very uncomfortable, even her smile is good.

Although he is 44 years old, Zhou Huimin has a good maintenance. His face, body and style are more than normal. Talking about her husband Ni Zhen, Zhou Huimin has a happy face, laughing and saying that she and Ni Zhen have their own advantages. "I am understanding, he is careful, and everyone is not enough. Because I am afraid of cold, he will get up in the middle of the night to help me cover the quilt, keep the air in my home. At 25 degrees, he is more likely to live in me."

Marriage life is quite happy. Unexpectedly, Zhou Huimin’s image of “Jade Girl” broke down recently. She should wear a short haircut and she should show off the youthful side. As a result, the face and the wig are not paired, and the old-fashioned makeup, the overall feeling is two words. weird".

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