Woman's heart underwear a wonderful flower in the fashion industry

Speaking of underwear , used to be a little shy, shorts vest shirt is a dozen years ago, underwear, these words make people feel straightforward to speak, do not refer to the specific underwear, but instead like green onion Tofu mix, as if to hide the meaning of meaning. Underwear, so gentle, pity that the words so that the most considerate body clothes confidently toward the field of fashion. The woman's heart underwear is a wonderful flower in the fashion industry!


Founded in August 2003, Shenzhen Apsaras Co., Ltd. is a modern garment enterprise that develops, produces and sells famous underwear in China. Under the leadership of Chairman Zheng, Women's Heart Company absorbs a large number of leading R & D, marketing , Management professionals, adhering to the "customer demand-oriented, innovative market-leading, fashion lead consumer, service to win the trust of" business philosophy and "create a world-renowned underwear production and marketing enterprises, establish the international underwear industry's leading brand" business objective, At present, the company's retail business throughout the country more than 150 cities in the country has created direct sales, to join more than 1,000 chain stores, the company headquarters covers an area of ​​20,000 I square meters; take the lead in completing the "woman heart", "Shangjia Er" "Pink Delicate" and other brand strategy upgrades; successfully imported and completed ISO9001, ERP systems, OA office automation systems, human resources systems and other management projects; and gradually develop into a In the international, standardized management of the modern group of enterprises, growing into China One of the pilots of the garment industry.

女人心内衣 时装界里的一朵奇葩

"Heart of Women" is on your side. Our product range includes 11 major series of chest, panties, body suit, bathing suit, pajamas, pregnant women, breastfeeding underwear and warm clothes, nearly 1,000 kinds of styles, Favor.

Women's Winter Boots are what JNPFOOTWEAR starts from. 

We've been made women's winter sheepskin boots for more than 8 years.From sourcing leather to making shoes, we could share our experience with you.

We have Australian sheepskin boots, UK sheepskin boots, American sheepskin boots to fulfill the request of different market and target price.

To improve the shape of the boots, let the original ug boots, not that ugly. Now we also make the new collections of women's winter boots with shank insole, shape last. The outlook will more like women's fashion leather boots, but still with shearling lining to keep our clients feet warm in winter.

Women's Winter Boots

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