Which suit is suitable for the leather suit?

Leather style is regardless of age. The leather color is also very small, up to black, followed by brown, the two colors are the color of the most leather, Satchi International Men's Winter 2014 autumn and winter new leather style, teach you how to match the leather, leather with what style looks better What? This leather coat is a brown style micro-section of the design take a V-neck T shirt is simple and very handsome, lower body with a beige slacks, leather can make men very powerful, but also has a cool feeling. Leather can also be accompanied by a collar T-shirt, and now girls like to wear a collar T-shirt, because it can be all buckled up, appears to be particularly Meng Meng da, and men's collar T shirt is not buckle, looks more handsome, Coupled with leather style adds a bit more fashion sense, coupled with jeans is also very good.

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