Warm congratulations on "Dai Dai underwear business start-up conference in 2015" a complete success

Chilling cold wind can not stop the pace of advancement of Dai Qi officers and soldiers, blowing the pride of pride. December 4, 2014 at 2 o'clock in the afternoon, Dai Dai underwear all the team to expand with excitement participated in the 2015 annual business start-up conference.


The conference is divided into two sessions. The theme of the first half is "to a brilliant life," accompanied by the applause of the tide, General Manager Mr. Zhou Jun began his wonderful speech. Through sharing his 20 years of experience, he explained to all sales staff why people want to live and change the present conditions of their life, and summed up profound theories in simple language and summed up the value of organization members and the implementation of efficient implementation. By advocating self-cultivation, all members are encouraged to unify their thoughts, be confident and motivated, full of expectation for the new year! The second half of the congress centered on "Who are we? Where are we going? How are we going?" The theme of this affair is to deploy the work of Dai Qi's underwear franchise chain from strategic tactics, regional division, staff sub-grouping and target decomposition.


Subsequently, Hou Jian, special assistant general manager, respectively, with the large area manager Li Fu, Wuhui Jian signed a military order. The last link of the meeting is that all the officers and men will take the oath together to move forward and create brilliant! At this point, 2015 annual business start-up conference culminated!


Lingyun Zhi must have life, after all, Gui face wall, broken cocoon how fear of pain, powder wing lightly breeze while! In Dai Dai underwear platform, everyone has the opportunity to peer with excellence, and glory dance, to realize their dream of life! We firmly believe that under the leadership of General Manager Zhou Jun, Dai Qi underwear all the staff and business partners will be up and down the same desire, work hard to spark a prairie fire potential swept across the country, made new achievements in development, create new myths in the industry!


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