Turquoise meaning

Turquoise ornaments are sought after by a variety of good meanings such as blessings and prayers. The meaning of turquoise in different places is different. So, what are the implications of turquoise?

In our Tibetan culture, Tibetans believe that turquoise is the embodiment of God and also symbolizes power and status, thus becoming the most fashionable sacred ornament. Turquoise was used to decorate the crown of the first Tibetan king and was also used as a offering for the altar.

In the history of ancient Persia, turquoise is considered to be a mysterious sinister object, and is made into a talisman. Turquoise ornaments have been found in many ancient Persian tombs.

The ancient Indians used turquoise as a holy stone. They thought that wearing turquoise ornaments could be blessed by the gods, and it also symbolized "trust and trust". It also brought good luck and good luck to expedition people. Stone.

In the West, turquoise is still the birthstone of December in the modern birthstone, which is the constellation stone of Sagittarius, symbolizing success and victory.

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