Three shots underwear hot with a warm love of TA over autumn and winter

Shanghai three guns (Group) Co., Ltd. is the production of three guns lingerie Shanghai Knitting Nine Factory, after self-development, the expansion of the advantages of the formation of the brand group. Adhering to the corporate culture of "Winning the Soul of the Nation and Top of the Top Brand" and the brand development philosophy of "leading the development trend of the underwear and advocating the warm and life with unity of the body and the mind", the three guns are mainly underwear with both casual and comfortable Product features, in the traditional style into the fashion elements.


Men's deep V-neck long-sleeved shirt, warm fiber ingredients, can better lock the body's heat, effectively reduce the heat dissipation, so that the traditional thermal underwear bloated, thick, hard greatly improved.

三枪内衣火热出新 带着TA的爱温暖过秋冬

Warm cotton wool collar half-collar suit, high-quality cotton well-processed fabrics, hygroscopic breathable, simple and comfortable, the appearance of more delicate, shiny.
Strong R & D, production strength, keeping up with the fashion trend of technological innovation, as well as with a number of world-renowned long-term strategic cooperation between enterprises so that three shots of product development has been in the leading domestic level. In recent years, with Walt Disney Company to develop and produce baby clothes and underwear series, but also with its high quality fabrics, sophisticated production and stylish style has won widespread attention in the market.

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