The combination of vintage and change ELLE for your interpretation of the new city comfortable life

Passionate art emphasizes the designer's rich imagination, retro and change into the soul of this season's ELLE underwear design, sleek waves, gold embroidery, elegant velvet fabric, baroque pattern with yellow-orange and other classic colors, showing ELLE The sense of space and three-dimensional underwear, elegant lines sketched and bold creative color, combined with classic crafts, interpretation of the city's comfortable life.


Whenever a woman is always unable to resist the temptation of lace, or low profile, or publicity, always just right to show a woman's sexy and charming palm rest invisible ring effectively supporting the chest important to avoid sagging, Embellished with a delicate bow at the junction.

复古与变化结合经典工艺  ELLE为您诠释新都市舒适生活

Purple and yellow has always been with the people are not optimistic about this paragraph underwear just broke the "law", purple fabric embellishment of the abstract shape of small yellow flowers, highlight the delicate and youthful vitality, sexy half-cup half-plastic breast , Enjoy your talent show it.

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