The clothing e-commerce approach is consumer-centric

The clothing e-commerce approach is consumer-centric

After several years of accumulation and precipitation, China’s e-commerce has been gradually separated from the initial stage of “little trickery”. With the paradox of "capital winterism," the pattern of e-commerce development promoted by capital has undergone new changes. Traditional enterprises have begun to merge into main e-commerce, and an era of more mature capital operation that covers the whole industry is under way. Open. When ITAT's myths shattered, when Jingdong and its guests did not turn a profit, the ambitions of clothing brand merchants to battle the e-commerce battlefield were still annihilated. Can you know where is the direction? Who is the core? Especially for the traditional clothing enterprises, there are many problems in the process of entering the e-commerce business:

First, how do consumers know that there is no advertisement? Traditional businesses allow consumers to know more about advertising, but how do e-commerce brands increase their visibility?

Second, there is no channel for distribution. How do you solve the problem of online distribution by traditional companies that distribute through agents?

Third, there is no physical store how to obtain consumer trust? The first time the brand touches the net, it may be a brand new brand, without any physical store, how to make consumers feel trustworthy?

Fourth, how do consumers find the shelves? Under the entity and the line, we can put the product in the best position for consumers to see, but in the field of e-commerce, what is the golden location, how to make consumers discover that this is a problem.

Fifth, there is no trial how to choose? Under the line, trials can directly promote sales, but online cannot be used for trials. What do consumers decide to purchase?

Sixth, there is no shopping guide how to sell to consumers? Under the line, shopping guides provide consumers with sufficient communication, but what about online?

Traditional businesses are full of longing for the rich profits of online shopping. They blindly enter and often return to the bottom. Because there is no clear answer to the above question.

Who has overturned the game rules of traditional enterprises? Is the consumer. The channel strategy of the traditional enterprise fails on the Internet, and conventional advertising investment has also failed. From a means of processing inventory, to online and offline simultaneous sales of finished products, to redo pricing system** network, to e-commerce team fully controlled by the decision-making level, and then to the new media marketing with consumer appeal as the core, a comprehensive view of China's electricity In these five phases of business development, it is not difficult to find that behind this history of blood and tears, the nature of marketing science is permeated—the consumer is the core, the user is unique, the search is king, and the reputation is supreme.

At this point, all apparel companies that conduct e-commerce business can enter the stage and see which stage you currently belong to. Of course, choosing the leap-forward development and entering the fifth phase directly is the most ideal development path. Many familiar e-commerce brands that enter the fifth stage are groping all the way. They can better understand the importance of researching consumer psychology and complying with consumers' wishes, and at the links of R&D, design, production, marketing, etc., abide by the consumer as the core.

Not long ago, at the Shenzhen Fashion E-Commerce Development Forum in 2013, the experience shared by Zhong Tao, the head of the seven wolves e-commerce business, was clearly worthy of attention. He believes that the most important factor in online shopping for consumers is "you like it." Brands that can be spread by consumers can be called brands. At the same time, he also proposed that “the solution to the brand as an e-commerce provider is to restore the essence of brand retailing”. It is necessary to create the brand's brand power, social power, and communication power, establish a reputation, and create a good shopping experience. Let customers feel your changes, engage customers in your business, and interact with customers and customers.

In addition to the traditional brands in the fifth stage of the e-commerce business, there are pure e-commerce brands such as Handu Clothes House and Inman. Although they are not able to compare with traditional e-commerce brands in terms of brand value and heritage, they are The success of e-commerce is worth learning while developing e-commerce's traditional brands.

All things are in the process of development. In the near future, the development of e-commerce will have phases of 6, 7, 8, 9... But if people do not pay their bills, whoever pays will be the core.

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