"Sun protection clothing" only the name sunscreen? Merchants promote product hype

“The main reason is that you don’t want to apply a greasy sunscreen, and you have to put on your arms and neck. If you sweat, it’s uncomfortable.” Hangzhou online shopping expert said that some time ago, she washed three sunscreen clothes at a stretch. “Different Three of the colors were bought and put on when they went out."

Sun protection clothing is popular in many online clothing stores. Clothing prices range from ten yuan to several hundred dollars, even thousands, and the hottest ones are thirty to forty yuan. However, some experts said that these low-cost sun protection clothing is mostly the concept of business speculation, the effect is not yet conclusive.

The online shop sold nearly 20,000 pieces in January. The reporter entered the “sun protection clothing” in Taobao, and jumped out more than 460,000 search results. "Since the beginning of summer, both the search volume and the volume of the sun protection clothing have greatly increased." Taobao official said.

It is understood that after June 30, with the sudden increase in temperature, the search index and the transaction index of sun-bathing clothing are also like temperature, soaring. Among them, the search volume from the 87,000 on June 30 to the highest in July 5 more than 300,000 times, soaring 253%, volume increased by 70%.

The types and colors of sun protection clothing are very rich now, there are seven to eight colors to choose from, styles are long, short paragraph, lovers and parent-child equipment. In the most popular sales is an online shop, the reporter saw sales records show that a month's time, the store's sun protection clothing has sold nearly 20,000, and the price of each package is only 30 yuan.

"After the clothes are folded, it is a very small group. It is easy to carry and it does not take up space. Play outside and feel ready to wear it. Don't worry about the poisonous sun." The seller scrabbled on the product. . Sellers say that the vast majority of buyers of this popular sunscreen clothing are young women buyers.

However, buyers are not simply for the sake of sun protection. A buyer who just bought an orange sun protection clothing told reporters that she was trying to catch a popular one and bought this thin sun protection clothing. Ten dollars, it's cheap."

However, some buyers think that they have been fooled, white collar ** said, he also bought a few stylish fashion sun protection clothing, "but I was wearing a sun protection clothing stroll outside the street, feeling tanned."

Nominally "man-made fibers", sunscreen material is suspected to be sold online in the hundred or so sun protection clothing, a wide variety of materials, there are cotton materials, but also man-made fibers, as well as CVC fabrics, polyester fabrics, fine Tencel and so on. In a hot-selling online store, the reporter saw that sun protection clothing known as “having ultra-thin breathable sunscreen fabrics” only wrote “other man-made fibers” in the category of fabrics, and there were no detailed fabric instructions and sun protection indexes. A Taobao store that sells sun protection clothing explains that different fabrics have a big difference in sun protection, while cotton polyester fabrics have the most sun protection effect.

For sun protection capabilities, some sellers even declared that "sun protection clothing can prevent 70% of ultraviolet rays."

As for the effectiveness of these sunscreens, how to protect against sunscreen, and how hard-to-reach sellers do not understand. The reporter consulted a seller on Want Want. The dispensers only said that the fabric was sun-blocking. For the sun protection index, he said it was not clear. The other shopkeeper said: “This very thin and very breathable way is to block the sun.” When the reporter asked what material was made, he admitted, “cotton, ordinary cotton.”

Buyers also seldom talk about the actual sun protection effect of sun protection clothing, evaluation is mostly for color, size size and light to carry out the evaluation.

It is reported that the national standard "evaluation of the performance of textiles against ultraviolet radiation" stipulates that only when the UPF (UV protection factor) value of clothes is greater than 40, and the transmittance of UVA (the most penetrating ultraviolet ray) is less than 5%. Call it "UV protection product". Therefore, some experts said that the current hot sunscreen lot is just a concept that merchants use to promote product hype. The CVC fabrics or 100% polyester fabrics used to make sunscreens on the Internet are just the ingredients of the fabrics. If they are not specially treated, they cannot meet the UV protection requirements specified in the standard.

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