Still show women add new store August 15 Shenzhen Longgang store grand opening

Yesterday is a good day, but also a good day, yesterday August 15 may be your birthday, maybe the day you send wages, these are clouds, the most important is August 15 is still the show to open new stores day , Shenzhen Longgang store grand opening, in the noisy streets, the opening of a shop is definitely attracting people's attention, still show women's clothing is still to help you prepare for the summer feast There autumn and winter of the new look together.


Opening a new store will inevitably make people feel curious, you want to enter the store to see, but into the store you will find that the clothing is really many, the color is a lot, you can count on all the colors are ready for you and so on Your visit, the most eye-catching summer exclusive chiffon fabric, chiffon feast is quietly coming.


Still show women's clothing store in Shenzhen Longgang, although not large, but all-encompassing, no matter what your style dress, still show will have a professional image consultant to help you tailor-made for you that a dress, YOLSO still show for the constant pursuit of quality of life Urban women tailored to life ladies wear, exquisite workmanship and into the modern atmosphere of freedom, the introduction of each season series, designers are clever in the design of classic, embroidery printing, special technology and other elements. The perfect combination of style and detail, inadvertently turn the perfect curve of women revealed to create an elegant and comfortable image.

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