PRADA 08 autumn and winter shaped high heels most IN

Nowadays, more and more designers will break the tradition according to their own preferences and design the shoes of the unconventional concept of the future. From 2007, LV designers launched the “special shape” heel concept shoes on the brand big show. Prada 2008/09 At the autumn and winter brand launches, these concept high-heeled shoes have been invaded on a large scale and are launched on the market. They are interesting and feminine. In terms of sexiness and fashion, this is a pair of glamorous high-heeled shoes, which brings people unprecedented sense of novelty. .

PRADA 08 autumn and winter shaped high heels most IN

When you see Prada this season, you will feel that the designer is very charming, creative, and distinctive personality, and the flash on her shoes and bags is just a very peculiar fine detail design; On the one hand, because this small flash is too much too eye-catching, as if the pair of high-heeled shoes with wings can fly immediately.

PRADA 08 autumn and winter shaped high heels most IN

The so-called special-shaped design is the most respected trend today, such as the heel, upper decoration and other things are not in accordance with the rules of the shape, free to create the best attitude in mind. This season's most exciting nature is PRADA's lotus leaf and petal design, showing a touch of bright color in the heavy-colored autumn and winter shoes.

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