OlanKa clothing brand reproduction of pure classic fashion

OlanKa clothing brand was founded in 2007. Follow the trend of fashion design and not trifling, stylish style without exaggeration, low-key sexy just right.

欧兰卡 - OlanKa

This season's work is elegant and slender but combines the masculinity of style, apparently become the most important part of this season, stunning and irresistible classic style and through time and space of the interlacing. And perfect fit high-quality technology, highlighting the pure classic reproduction, showing the urban women's personality charm and charming temperament.

OlanKa服装品牌  再现纯正的经典风尚

Style positioning:

Infused with rich emotion and connotation, the design principle is dignified, independent, confident, elegant, fresh and harmonious. That the performance of a rich flavor of the times, but also reflect the wisdom and self-expression.

Consumer crowd positioning:

To 25 ---- 40-year-old urban beauty (psychological age). For the pursuit of self-confidence and independence, elegant and intellectual female groups.

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