Nine web promotion tips to be learned by the network marketing team

[China Glass Network] The true integrated network marketing method is to accurately control a set of quantifiable input ratio formulas to achieve profitability. The methods shared below, if managed properly, can also be quantified, sharing begins!

1. IM group website promotion method

Now who is not using QQ, who does not need Taobao Want, now who does not need online communication tools, integrated network marketing IM group website promotion method is more common, simpler promotion method, the premise is to quantify the work, make a good plan, What is the daily workload and must be completed. Completion statistics are performed to calculate the daily workload. Take the example of QQ group, use even QQ, add dozens of groups every day, send the website every group in every day, you can imagine how much the website can display, even if there are users who are not online in the QQ group, show The effect is also not negligible. The larger spirit of IM group website promotion is to bear the burden of humiliation, not afraid to be kicked, and many IM groups still support mass mailing, so you can also use mass mailing to promote the website. So our slogan is "tolerate the burden, T is re-issued!"

2, search engine website promotion method

Newly promoted rookies or teams, this is the preferred method. For example, my website belongs to this category. If the method is right, it ranks high and can easily get orders from seo. The function of the search engine is to integrate network resources and provide better search results to netizens while improving user experience. The process of bringing traffic to the website is not neglected. For example, the webmaster network, and even the SEO outside chain distribution area for the friends of seo, is very intimate. Our slogan is "Life is endless, SEO is not limited!"

3, soft text website promotion method
When it comes to soft papers, everyone will not be unfamiliar. All the forms of advertising in soft text are soft advertisements. After the reader reads the article, it is rendered by the advertisement without knowing it. As a freelance writer of soft papers, I got two soft-text orders due to a piece of interesting integrated online marketing posts the day before yesterday. Four articles received a draft of 300 yuan. Although the money is not much, I am very happy. It’s really a friend who can’t write it. You can also cite other people’s articles or interesting articles. The purpose of writing soft texts is to spread, so don’t forget to bring your own URL, or name Guo Wei, when you quote. Achieve their goals. Our slogan is "soft text promotion, wonderful transmission!"

4, blog website promotion method

If you can see this article, you will definitely go to my independent blog to see that there are two ways to promote blogs today. One is to build blogs on portals with high weights, and the other is to build independent blogs, using ZB, WP, EMBLOG, CMS and other programs. The soft text has been written, and it is necessary to have an interface for sending. However, many websites tend to harmonize websites with anchor text or URL links, so there is a birth promotion method for self-owned blogs, registering a dozen blogs and establishing one. Independent blog, you can start a blog tour, and the big advantage is that posts or articles will not be deleted. Our slogan is "My site, I am the master!"

5. Media website promotion law

(1) Traditional media websites promote newspapers, advertisements, building advertisements, body advertisements, etc. When I used to do business in Wuhan Baidu to promote business, there was a salesperson who was doing bus body advertising, and the media coverage was very wide. The car can see her mobile phone number, it is very powerful. Traditional media can't be ignored, the power is equally huge, but the price is not cheap!

(2), mobile phone website promotion mobile phone available more ways, SP business binding, SMS group sending, MMS distribution, today's mobile phone is very advanced, more and more functions, mobile website promotion, not to be underestimated, but also have to spend Money!

Our slogan is "traditional media, burn money to see the effect!"

6, forum website promotion law

Forum website promotion method, a person may be more tired, but once you have a team, the power is infinite. Especially with a VPN that changes IP at any time, you can reverse black and white. There is a strong contempt for the black and white army that reverses black and white. The forum account should be fully used, including the user name, signature, etc., and the anchor text link can be added. Publish some popular content, top up your own posts, spark the crowds who don’t know the truth, and publish controversial headline content. The good title is 100% of the success of the forum promotion. This is the so-called title party. The forum mentioned here refers to the Pan Forum, which includes a message book, a forum, a post bar, and so on, where all netizens may gather. Our slogan is "Title title, look around!"

7, mail website promotion method

(1) The magazine promotion method regularly issues e-magazine journals to users of customized emails. Many well-known websites in China do this, including some large-scale home improvement supermarkets. I used to fill out a questionnaire in a home improvement supermarket in Beijing. My e-mail, even if I am back in Wuhan, I will receive regular magazines to introduce newer home decoration information, and I have become a stable IP in their tens of thousands of traffic.

(2), do not locate the mail promotion method as the name suggests, do not know who the other party is, do not know whether the other party to read the mail, sent it again, mainly rely on the amount to bring traffic. My group's group buying network relies on the mass of mail to send 500 IP addresses every day. There are a lot of mail-sending software now, but the mail must be standardized. Don't let the user know that it is AD, so it doesn't make sense. Our slogan is "No matter where you are, we have a mission!"

8, Weibo website promotion method

Weibo, fire, Sina is alive, and I have to admire Sina’s Weibo battle, which is like a salted fish turning over. However, I have used Tencent Weibo from beginning to end. I think Tencent Weibo will start to use force. When Sina Weibo starts to invest heavily, it will take offensive measures. Well, don't post a personal comment first, specifically the method. Weibo is important for fans, the amount of communication, 10 fans are 啥? 100 fans are 啥? 1000 fans are 啥? 10000 fans are 啥? Weibo website promotion method is more important than fans. However, if we can't make fans ourselves, we can rely on other people's Weibo to speak, but we need to spend money. Our slogan is "Weibo fans, do CCTV in the grassroots!"

9, offline website promotion law

In addition to traditional media. We can use the promotion of mischief and it is free. I wrote your name on the leaves and was taken away by the wind! I wrote your name on the beach and was taken away by the waves! I wrote your name on the pole and was taken away by the cleaner. I posted your name on the pedestrian bridge and was taken away by the police... Although these methods are silly, including the possibility of posting small advertisements in the toilet, it is also feasible. I have really seen a computer repair website in Wuhan advertise in the toilet, there are many Internet cafes, is there not a lot of game advertising? Our slogan is "offline promotion, pervasive!"

The methods introduced are only a small part of the many possible methods, and I have personally tried them. I hope everyone will like them. Different methods are applicable to different websites, and different industries also have their own integrated network marketing promotion methods. And what we have to do is to sort out a set of methods that suit our own projects.

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