MYSCISSORS Chic Women's Opening Ceremony in Dalian, Dalian, China

In June, Jinxia bloomed bright and full of dazzling flowers, dazzlingly beautiful, elegant and inviting. MYSCISSORS was a chic and graceful fashion attire. On June 11th, the lucky day, in “Dalian Zhongshan McKay ” Dress up curtains. During the opening period, try-in clothes and clothes are available for gifts. Pre-stored with more surprise discounts. Welcome friends who like to go to the store to try on and buy!

[Activity] Pre-existing surprise discounts during the event and extra gifts!

1. New purchase of 999 yuan, send a color strap!
2. New purchase of 1999 yuan, send a Greek T-shirt!

3. New purchase of 2999 yuan, send a Heze necklace!

(Single ticket is limited to one, and the quota is limited, while stock lasts)

[Opening Hours] June 11th, 2015 - June 14th

[Shop address] 4th Floor, New Floor, New Building, Qingkaiqiao Qiaokaikai, Zhongshan District, Dalian City, Liaoning Province, China

The layout focuses on the wearable needs of Asian women. With concise and smooth lines, exquisite workmanship, and noble and extraordinary taste, it reflects the perfect combination of clothing and human body, and has won the favor of many intellectual fashion people. Top fabrics, exquisite workmanship, and complementary boutique accessories allow MYSCISSORS to fully embody the rich content of each detail.

MYSCISSORS aims to capture European fashion elements, adhering to natural, simple and elegant costume design concepts. Clever use of color matching and natural tailoring to show women's simple, elegant qualities. Matured with youthful charm and elegance, it has a fashionable atmosphere.

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