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We have close contact with pillows every day. Pillows have a close relationship with health. However, many consumers don't know the purchase of pillows. What kind of pillows are best for the body? Meng Lisha Home Textiles gives us guidance.

What kind of pillow to sleep for the best in the body

The role of the pillow is to balance the head and the lumbar vertebrae so that the cervical vertebrae are not pressed; when sleeping on the back, the height of the pillow is 5 to 8 cm; when sleeping on the side, depending on the shoulder width of each person, the female The height of the pillow is 7 to 12 cm and the height of the male pillow is 11 to 14 cm. The appropriate height of the pillow can keep the cervical vertebrae from being uncomfortable due to the high height during sleep, but not everyone will stay in the same sleeping position during sleep, often alternating between supine and lateral. Therefore, when choosing a pillow, the height of the pillow is 8 to 10 cm, and the male pillow can be increased by 2 cm.

In order to cushion and reduce the shock during walking and jumping, and to protect the brain, the seven vertebrae of the human cervical vertebrae are not only vertically stacked, but form a smooth, forward-facing arc. This is the so-called cervical curvature, the pillow. The role is to maintain this physiological curvature.

The length of a single pillow is 15 cm wider than the width of one's shoulder. The height is equal to the height of the fist (the height of the fist is higher than the height of the tiger's mouth) after compression. On the surface of the pillow, the part supporting the neck and the back (neck curvature) should be cylindrical and have a certain hardness, which can be used to set off and support the neck. The part supporting the back of the head should be 3-5 cm lower than the above part, so that it can support the head and adapt to the height of the neck. The contents of the pillow are also important and should be selected according to individual circumstances. For example, the kapok pillow is comfortable and soft, and the buckwheat skin is soft and hard.

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