Love child children's clothing release noble, confident, elegant

Fuzhou love Duo Er Clothing Co., Ltd was founded in 2004, is a collection of production, research and development, marketing in one of the modern children's wear enterprises, the company successfully introduced the world-class brand "love child", in 2008, has successfully launched the "children of love "Professional boy brand. "Love child" "Love child" as the high-end European style and taste of children's clothing brand, for children aged 3-16 design and development products, advocating love of nature, full of love, the pursuit of self-concept of healthy living, the product has a rich Fantastic color Has been awarded the Chinese market excellent product quality, consumer recognized best-selling brand, was named Fujian famous brand, the Chinese children's clothing industry top ten brands. Currently, the national garment quality exemption enterprises and Chinese well-known trademarks are being declared. In a rapidly changing new century, children grow up in a materially rich, informative, open-minded and refreshing environment with many new opportunities to participate in a wide range of social activities: friends, graduation ceremonies, family banquets , Party ...... Aiduo Er designers to the new high-quality fabrics, exquisite plate, exquisite craft, smooth and simple style, the Department of the system as a piece of information on the CD filled with the times, release of noble, confident, elegant……

Acid-resistant/Anti-corrosion Gloves

Acid-alkali gloves, also known as glove box, incubator gloves, the length of 30 cm, 38 cm, 40 cm, 45 cm, 50 cm, 55 cm, 58 cm, 60 cm, 72 cm, 82 cm. There are two colors black and white. Features, resistant to acid 70%, resistant to alkali 55%, soft and comfortable, easy to wear, suitable for electronics, biomedicine, chemistry, printing and dyeing, electroplating and so on.

Acid-resistant/Anti-Corrosion Gloves

Acid-Resistant Gloves,Anti-Corrosion Gloves,Chemical Resistant Gloves,Protective Gloves

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