Its cobalt-style men's elegant suit to create "gentleman's character"

For men, to become a gentleman, then the suit is essential, it is a men's fashion brand of cobalt, with simple, stylish, self-expression of the new Neo-modernist design style, and youth, sunshine, fashion, happy brand positioning every year There are nearly a thousand models launched a steady stream of markets, of which the suit is a large proportion, simple and self-cultivation shape, so that more men create a gentleman style, create a gentleman's character! Enjoy the happiness that comes with the quality of its cobalt TARGUO products and services. Dark gray suit less than the black-like rigorous and publicity, but it has its own unique low-key and elegant, stitching a small black lapel, it is demonstrated in the details of the unique charm. The most classic wild black suit can always make men proud of access to any place, personalized little lapel design to break the tradition, more youth and vitality.

  Printed Fabric is processed by high temperature printing and dyeing of grey cloth printing paper.

  Advantages of printed fabrics

     1. The pattern of the printed cloth is different in color, and it is beautiful and generous, solving the problem that only the solid color cloth was used before, and there is no printing.

     2. Greatly enrich people's material life enjoyment, and the use of printed cloth is very wide, not only can be worn as clothing, but also can be mass-produced.

     3. Good quality and low price, ordinary people can basically afford it, and they are loved by them.

     Shortcomings of printed fabrics

     1. The pattern of traditional printed cloth is relatively simple, and the limitations of color and pattern are relatively large.

     2. It is not possible to transfer the printing on the cotton fabric. After the printing cloth is used for a long time, there may be discoloration.

Polyester Printed Fabric

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