How to wear summer white shirt with tired?

Each girl's wardrobe must have a white shirt, do not because it is more monotonous will be pressed into the bottom, but it is summer essential temperament single product? So how the summer shirt with a more stylish sense of wear is not greasy it? Below with Xiaobian take a look!


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This white bee waist long-sleeved shirt, self-cultivation version of the form, coupled with the former short bee long skirt design, add fashion, plus organza bow embellishment to add sweet and lively feeling. Pants with black and white checkered shorts, high-heeled shoes, fashion and blue shoulder bag, it is particularly capable of intellectual.


This set of style white shirt, style version of the type, casual and comfortable, with khaki curly short paragraph, the shirt into the pants, wear out boyfriend style, very handsome and Han Fan atmosphere!

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