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The Shulailai Stone is a kind of jade, also known as the "Millennium Stone". The market is often jade, and it is also the lucky stone of the birth of the Gregorian calendar in February. It was discovered by a Japanese geologist in the 1960s. Jewelry experts say that compared to rubies, sapphires, and crystals, Shushilai is a new type of ore. It has relatively few producing areas. Currently, only China, South Africa, Japan, Canada, and the United States produce such ore in the world, and production is scarce. .

Shululai Stone is known as the National Treasure in South Africa. In the past two years, due to South Africa's restrictions on exports, its prices have risen all the way, becoming a star variety in the jewelry and jade world.

Like other stones, the color, the degree of moisture and the transparency are important factors influencing the value of the stone. The color of the Shu Shilai stone is roughly divided into dark blue, reddish purple and blue-violet, and the state includes three types: transparent, translucent and opaque. Among them, the highest value is the royal purple and cherry powder, and the translucent and transparent cherry pink is the rarest. The noble and elegant stone can make people fall in love at first sight.

The biggest misunderstanding of purchasing Shulailai Stone is that it is difficult to distinguish it from Zilongjing. In fact, the biggest difference between the two is the pattern. The pattern of the purple dragon crystal is strip-like, similar to the dragon pattern, and the streak of the stone is blocky, mostly in the shape of a cherry blossom petal.

The proliferation of counterfeit goods is a big problem in the jewellery and jade market, and the stone has not escaped the ill-fated bad luck. At present, the market is full of dyed fake Shu Shilai stone, and the best way to identify its authenticity is to look at the color. At present, the fake shuri is mostly dyed in purple, its color is floating, the gloss is dim, and the price is below 100 yuan.

It is also worth noting that many of the characteristics of the stone are similar to jade and jade, so the color and feel will change with the wearer's mood and health, especially the higher transparency of the stone. The change is faster. The average jade and jade jewelry must be worn for at least 3 years to see the change, and the Shuulai stone only needs to wear for a few weeks to see the change, which is one of the ways to distinguish its authenticity.

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