How to buy Hetian jade Guanyin

Guanyin is the most common shape in Hetian jade brand. Its simple shape and simple shape are not only exquisitely carved but also have a beautiful meaning, which is very popular among many consumers. So, how to buy Hetian jade Guanyin?


1, purchase should pay attention to jade: Guanyin brand jade material is currently more common in the market Guanyin card is made of white jade material, not all seed materials can be made Guanyin, you need to master whether the jade quality is delicate, whether the color is Warm, with no cracks and impurities. The shape of the jade card has a square and an ellipse, and its outline is clear and distinct, and some of the jade cards have a brand. The shape of Guanyin is in the Guanyin jade card, and the Guanyin style is very rich.

2, purchase should pay attention to the shape: more common are sitting lotus Guanyin, holding lotus Guanyin, Jingping Guanyin, Yangliu Guanyin and Ruyi Guanyin, etc. These beautiful Guanyin shapes are carved out of the image of Guanyin as a blueprint. Ancient people often said that Guanyin is a living bodhisattva with great compassion and salvation, and can protect the wearer's peace and good fortune.

3, also pay attention to folklore: wearing Guanyin brand pay attention to the Chinese saying that "male wearing Guanyin female Daiyu", this is because men's temper is more violent, and wearing Guanyin, I hope that men can be as kind and kind as Guanyin, treat people Friendly and friendly. Nowadays, due to the diversity of Guanyin jade cards, many engraving masters have carved the image of foreign Guanyin. These obvious exotic customs have made people shine.

Hetian jade Guanyin brand is exposed to the air for a long time. The dust and other substances in the air, as well as the sweat, oil and dander from the human body, will pollute the surface of Hetian jade, or block the pores of the seed jade, hindering its breath and the environment. communicate with. Therefore, it is necessary to clean the jade noodles regularly, especially in the hot summer months, the human body has more secretions, and the cleaning work must be more frequent. The specific method of Hetian jade Guanyin brand is to put the jade into the clear water, gently wipe the jade surface with a soft cloth or a soft brush, then take out the jade and dry it with a clean and soft white cloth.

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